One And The Same Certificate Application Form PDF Download


 A person who has multiple names and uses them in different documents could have legal issues. To avoid trouble, he can use the same certificate for both names.

One And The Same Certificate Application Form PDF Download

The following article will explain how to read and understand the information contained in a single certificate. When applying for this certificate, make sure to mention all variations of your name.

To declare that two or more names belong to the same person, one certificate is required. To declare that a person has not legally changed your name but used multiple names on different documents, he/she must submit this certificate.


Supporting documents to be submitted for One And The Same Certificate :

There is a list of documents that you need to attach with the application form. one and the same person certificate formate is given below:-

  1. Aadhaar Card

  2. Ration Card

  3. School Certificate

  4. Voters ID

Articleone and same certificate For 19 C
DepartmentRevenue department Kerala
BeneficiaryCitizen of Kerala
Official Website
FeeGiven Above
Validity for a specified minimum period.
BenefitsUse various names legally
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