Writing a Leave Application for Office on Personal Work

Writing a Leave Application for Office on Personal Work

 Are you feeling sick today? Do you think you'll get in time to go back at work? If you think you're sick enough to not be able for work today, the only thing you need to do is compose an official letter to your supervisory authority of your inability to work today. 

Writing a Leave Application for Office on Personal Work

Learn how to submit an application for a leave of absence for personal reasons by reading through this post. Additionally, look over the examples of leave applications provided to you for use.

Form for Personal Leave Applications

An application for leave could be made to cover both official and personal reasons. Whatever the reason ensure that you adhere to the structure of the official letter. However close you are to your superior authority ensure that your application for leave sounds professional. Be polite and maintain a humble manner of speaking. Explain the reason you're requesting leave in a clear manner because these applications for leave are recorded and saved to be used in the future for review and management of attendance.

The format of personal leave applications contains the sender's address as well as date, followed by the recipient's address. It is composed in order to let readers know what the letter's purpose is and also to emphasize the significance in the correspondence. Utilize a charming salutation and state the reason you're asking for permission to take leave within the body your letter. Be sure to mention the dates when you'll be taking your off and the date you'll be returning to work. Be sure to make sure that you complete the work you were assigned, within the timeframes set by the employer. It is crucial to ensure that you finish the task given to you in the same manner as you did that you would do when you asked for time off.

Samples of Leave Applications for You

Are you unsure of how to begin creating the application for your leaves? Here are some examples of leave applications you could make use of as reference.

Sample Leave Request for Personal Reasons – Eye Checkup

A 31, Green Hill Residence

Lawrence School Hospital Road


Ooty – 643003

December 20, 2021

The Manager

Fractional Solution Software Company Pvt. Ltd.

Charring Cross

Ooty – 643001

Subject: Request for leave due to personal reasons

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have an eye checkup scheduled for tomorrow (21/12/2021). The doctor is available only tomorrow, so I do not have a choice. I request you to kindly consider my request and permit me to take leave for a day.

I will return to work on 22/12/2021, and I will make sure to complete all the assigned tasks. I have already submitted the reports of this month’s meetings as you had asked me to. I would be available to take calls. I have informed my team to contact me in case they have any doubts.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of the Employee


Head – Programming Team

Sample Leave Application for Personal Work – Child’s Parent-Teacher Meeting

8/33, Cris Dolby Lane

S S Street

Mumbai – 400005

January 3, 2022

Manu Sebastian

Reporting Head

Content Writing Team

iTech Solutions

Mumbai – 400007

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I have to attend my son’s Parent-Teacher meeting on January 5, 2022. The meeting starts at 10 a. m. I would like to know if it would be okay to take a half-day leave so that I could go to the meeting. I would be back to work by 2 p. m. Kindly consider my situation and permit me a half-day leave.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Signature of the sender


Content Writer

Sample Personal Leave Application Mail – Renewal of Driving License

Recipient’s Mail Address: name.name@email.com

Subject: Personal leave application for renewal of Driving License

Dear Ma’am,

I am writing this mail as an official request to allow me to take leave for one day. As I had informed earlier, I have to go to the Road Transport Office tomorrow (21/01/2022) to renew my Driving License. I have shifted all my meetings to the day after tomorrow (22/01/2022). I have informed my team of the tasks to be completed for tomorrow, and Rishitha will be sending you the updated end of the day report.

Kindly consider this mail as my official leave application and grant me leave.

Thank you



HR Executive

Bioline Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Leave Application Format

How do I prepare an application for leave for personal reasons?

It is possible to follow the same structure as shown below to complete an application to leave to cover personal reasons.

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that I am scheduled to have an eye exam set for the following day (21/12/2021). The doctor is only available on the 21st of December, therefore I don't have an option. I ask you to take a look at my request and allow me to time off for one day. I'll return to work on the 22nd day of 2021 and I will ensure that I finish all tasks assigned to me. I've already submitted the reports from the meetings this month in the manner you asked me to. I will be willing to answer calls. I have advised my team members to reach me in the event of doubts.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

What information must include in my leave application for work-related personal?

If you're writing an application for leave for work-related reasons, make sure to mention the reason why you're asking for leave. Be sure to mention the dates you would like to take a off and when you will return to work.

How do I write a personal letter?

Personal leave letters must be written in the form of an official letter. The letter should include the following information:

  • Addresses of the Sender
  • Date
  • Addresses of the receiver
  • Subject
  • Salutation/Greeting
  • The body of the letter will include the reason for your request for leave
  • Free closing
  • The signature of the person who sent it
  • Name written in blocks
  • Designation
  • Contact information in case of need

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