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Download UDISE Plus Data Collection Form PDF, Guidelines, and Tutorials

Download UDISE Plus Data Collection PDF Form, Guidelines, and Tutorials

UDISE – The Unified District Information System for Education

Download UDISE Plus Data Collection Form : India’s education system is one of the largest globally with over 1.5 million schools, a vast pool of over 9.6 million teachers, and a staggering student population of over 264 million. This comprehensive educational network is spread across 27 states and 8 union territories, serving students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. To ensure an unbiased assessment of this vast system and efficiently pinpoint areas for growth, the need for a robust, updated, and reliable information collection mechanism is essential.

UDISE Plus Data Collection PDF Form

In response to this need, the Government of India has initiated the creation of an application called “Unified District Information System for Education Plus” (UDISE+), which comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. The main objective of UDISE+ is to collect comprehensive data related to schools, which covers a wide range of aspects and resources associated with each educational institution.

The scope of the application includes all schools, whether officially recognized or not, that are involved in imparting formal education from pre-primary to class XII. The information collected through the digital platform of UDISE+ plays a vital role in guiding educational planning, optimizing resource allocation, and implementing various educational programs. In addition, it serves as an essential benchmark to assess the progress made in the education sector.

Purposes of UDISE+ Data Collection PDF Form

UDISE+ streamlines the data collection process through an online Data Collection Form (DCF), which is comprised of seven different sections. The information sought includes school details, infrastructure, faculty composition, student enrollment statistics and examination results. Schools that integrate seamlessly into the platform receive a unique UDISE+ code, which serves as a nationally recognized identifier.

Take advantage of the resources provided in the linked document below to assist institutions in the efficient collection and input of data into the UDISE+ portal. These resources have been thoughtfully designed to guarantee a smooth and successful experience for all users involved.

Downloadable Files

UDISE+ Data Entry data collection Sheets

Students Data Updation Data Entry Sample Sheet


Video Tutorials for UDISE Help

SDMS Module Updation by School Login

Higher Secondary Student Details Data Entry Help

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