The Charismatic Charlie Wade Book Review

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Book Review

The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a novel written by Lord Leaf. It tells the tale of Charlie Wade, a man who has suffered hardships and abuse in his life but still manages to change it.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade Book Review

Charlie Wade was raised in a wealthy home, but his father disowned him and his mother abandoned him when he was young. He was made to live with a cruel, abusive grandfather. The man treated him like a slave and made him miserable. Charlie was humiliated and beaten by his family, as well as the society in which he lived.

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Charlie was optimistic and he worked hard to better his life despite his circumstances. He was able to find a job to earn money for himself. Claire, a woman he met along the way who would become his wife and support him in his struggles, became his wife.

Charlie’s life changed dramatically when he learned a secret his grandfather was hiding. He discovered that his grandfather wasn’t his biological grandfather but was actually the son of wealthy parents who were stolen from him as a young child.

Charlie used this information to take revenge on the people who had harmed him and regain his inheritance. His intelligence, charisma, and resourcefulness helped him to gain influence and power in society.

Charlie is faced with many obstacles and challenges throughout the novel but he does not give up. Charlie is a charismatic and resilient character that overcomes his difficult past to achieve happiness and success in the end.

About the Book

Lord Leaf’s novel “The Charismatic Charles Wade” has been a bestseller around the globe. The book’s success is due in large part to the compelling storyline, and well-crafted characters that keep readers interested and invested in its story.

The book by Lord Leaf, the Author:

  1. The Charismatic Charlie Wade
  2. Si Karismatik Charlie Wade: Book 1
  3. Si Karismatik Charlie Wade: Book 2

The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a book that follows the life of Charlie Wade as he grows up as a man and overcomes all the obstacles that life throws at him from having no support, money, resources, or solid resources relationship with people around him.

Only to later find out he is an heir to a prominent and influential family in the city.

If you haven’t heard about The Charismatic Charlie Wade by Lord Leaf, I don’t know what you have been doing, but this urban/realistic story is exploding on the internet now.

An exaggeration? Go and search the internet, and you will see The Charismatic Charlie Wade book everywhere! Literally, everywhere!

But before you go check that out, I suggest you stay. You’ll be overwhelmed by all the information about The Charismatic Charlie Wade book out there and probably get lost, so we made all the work for you.

Part 1: Main Plot of The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade is a very interesting novel. It is a tale of a man born in the slums who has risen to become the head of an international trading business.
That’s right! It is the story of a man who goes from being in rags to riches. Usually, the character in this kind of life situation is a young woman, but in The Charismatic Charlie Wade, it is Charlie, a handsome, young, and educated man who finds himself in an unfortunate situation that turns his whole world upside down. It all started when he lost his father when he was eight.
Mrs. Lewis, his foster mother, took her to an orphanage, where he stayed until he was old enough. He also worked as a construction worker to pay for his education and supported the orphanage.
In the orphanage, he met the kind old man Mr. Wilson, head of the Wilson family. He became his eldest grandson-in-law after marrying Mr. Wilson’s beautiful granddaughter Claire, who only followed her grandfather’s order. They haven’t consummated the wedding.
Later in The Charismatic Charlie Wade book, it will be revealed that Mr. Wilson is a loyal servant to Charlie Wade’s wealthy grandfather. But Mr. Wilson died soon after the wedding.
Being a live-in son-in-law without money, the Wilson family began to disrespect and disgrace him for three years. They wanted Claire to divorce Charlie Wade. They do not have a close relationship or are intimate with each other, but Claire treats him somehow nicely, unlike the rest of her family.
When Mrs. Lewis’ life was in danger because of uremia, he pleaded with the matriarch of the Wilson Family greedy for money and materialistic, Lady Wilson for a million dollars on her 70th birthday to pay for Mrs. Lewis’ treatment. Yet instead, he was mocked by everyone and got thrown out of the party.
When he returned to the hospital, someone paid for the hospital bills, and that’s when his grandfather came into the picture.
Charlie’s father was cast out by his grandfather when he was eight, but he doesn’t remember any of it, just about the orphanage. His grandfather is on his deathbed and wants Charlie to take over the Amgrand Group and his fortune as an heir. Charlie refuses it at first, so the grandfather sends him a grand sum of money. The Charismatic Charlie Wade suddenly becomes the wealthiest man overnight with the opportunity to make a comeback to those who disgrace him.
He would later take upon his grandfather’s business. Charlie pretended to be a Feng Shui Master and built an empire. He never told his wife and the Wilson family about his real identity. The Charismatic Charlie Wade now has the life he has always dreamed of.
As you turn each page of The Charismatic Charlie Wade, you will find yourself more interested in learning more about Charlie, the Wilson family, the Wade family, and everyone he will meet now that he is on top. You feel his pain and anger and wish he’d succeed.

Part 2: Lord Leaf, the Author of The Charismatic Charlie Wade

Lord Leaf writes in such a way that you can relate to the engaging characters. The Charismatic Charlie Wade also is an excellent example of how perseverance can overcome adversity. The Charismatic Charlie Wade has become very popular with its readers thanks to its inspiring themes of perseverance and determination.
The Charismatic Charlie Wade book is an awesome story about Charlie Wade and his attributes that make him distinct from any other character you’ve seen in movies or books.
I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story and interesting characters.

Part 3: 6 Most Wonderful Chapters of The Charismatic Charlie Wade Book

I’m sure you will get more excited to read Lord Leaf’s The Charismatic Charlie Wade after reading the summary of some of the most thrilling chapters in the book. You’ll love just how powerful The Charismatic Charlie Wade is!

3.1. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3581

Prince Richard helped Aman Ramovich, who had lost face after the humiliation and was still mad. He warned Aman about the Cataclysmic Front and how they would support the Wade family. Instantly, Aman Ramovich was in panic and regretted provoking Charlie Wade.
He apologized to Charlie and denied his words about using the KGB elite against Charlie Wade and the Wade family.

3.2. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3580

Prince Richard mistakenly said in front of Charlie Wade and the European aristocrats that the Wade family no longer has power because of the Cataclysmic Front and was shocked by it.
Charlie Wade demands he repeat his words and mentions Joseph Wan’s name, which Helena gets mad at. Her father, Prince Richard, only wishes to dissolve the wedding with the Wade family, and now Charlie Wade is using Joseph Wan’s name.
Aman Ramovich intervened, and in the end, Charlie Wade slapped him in the face and fell to the floor. Charlie Wade coldly threatened him with the fortune of the Wade family and their connection to the Cataclysmic Front.
Lost in deep thoughts on the corner, Prince Richard realizes just how powerful the Wade family is now that it is integrated with the Cataclysmic Front because of Charlie Wade.

3.3. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3601

After William’s card dealer screwed up their plan, Prince Richard is now worried that the royal family will be exposed. The nation will not also allow Olivia to inherit the throne as his daughter with her connection to the crime. Helena might end up as the next queen, and Richard despises the idea.
He pleaded with Charlie Wade to let him talk with George, William’s father, and settle things. Charlie Wade allows him while he takes Helena to see the Queen.

3.4. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3597

Charlie Wade discovers that George is trying to cheat to plunder him with 2 billion euros with the note with William’s handprint. Charlie threatened to sue them and William’s accomplice, Olivia. Because of this, she will not have a chance to be a future queen. Prince Richard is in utter disbelief of his daughter’s decision to gamble, while George swears he will pay the 2 billion euros to Charlie Wade.

3.5. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3605

The Rejuvenation Elixir medicine works with the Queen as it did with Helena. She opened her eyes to Helena and cried out as she apologized for making Olivia the successor to the crown instead of Helena because of her health.
Helena accepted the apology and asked the empress to help her find her mother, whom Olivia had kidnapped. The empress also promised Charlie Wade to make Helena the future queen the following day.

3.6. The Charismatic Charlie Wade 3593

William gets a 6 diamond card instead of 9 spades. He is ready to take the 3 billion euros, but his care has changed. In the heat of the moment and growing agitation, William suspected the card dealer of stealing his cards with Charlie Wade. Everyone heard him and how he admitted to conspiring with the dealer to cheat the game.
As you can see from the above sections, we have a lot to say about this book so does everyone who luckily discovers The Charismatic Charlie Wade, and we hope that it will help you decide whether you should purchase it or not.
But I hope you do. It is recommended for everyone, especially those who like reading long novels. The Charismatic Charlie Wade book is super engagingly long and will keep you occupied for days, if not weeks.
You should give Lord Leaf’s The Charismatic Charlie Wade a go and see for yourself why the internet is going crazy over Charlie Wade and his life!

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