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TDS/TCS tax challan form 281 pdf

TDS/TCS tax challan form 281 pdf download

TDS/TCS tax challan form 281 download PDF from the link below the article. TDS/TCS tax challan 281 free PDF or read online by using the direct link at the bottom.

TDS/TCS Tax Challan Form 281 

TDS/TCS Tax Challan Form 281 PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article. Here you can download the TDS/TCS tax Challan Form 281 as a PDF. The Government introduced TDS, or Tax Deducted At Source, which allows the person (deductor), before making a payment (such as a salary, rent, etc. ), to deduct tax at a specified percentage. The payee will deduct the tax in a specified percentage and deposit the money to the Income Tax Department. Tax Collected At Source (TCS) is the tax that the seller collects from the buyer when they sell specified goods. This challan can be used by both corporate and non-corporate entities to deposit TDS and TCS. 
TDS/TCS tax challan form 281 pdf

TDS/TCS Taxchallan Form 281 Download 

The following are the three types of challans that the Income Tax Department has introduced: 

1. Challan No. ITNS 280 is the form used to pay Income Tax. Payments can be made in the form of Self-Assessment tax, Advance tax or tax on regular assessment. Online tax payments are possible, as well as through DDs, cheques, etc. Various bank branches. 
Challan ITNS 280 is required regardless of the payment method. 
2. Challan No. ITNS 281 is a Challan used to deposit Tax Deducted At Source (TDS), or Tax Collected At Source (TCS). 
3. Challan No. ITNS 282 is used for payment of Gift Taxes, Wealth Taxes, Expenditure taxes, Estate Duty, and Securities Transaction Taxes, as well as other direct taxes. 

Payment due date in the case of government assessees: 

  1. Tax Deposited Without Challan – Same Day 
  2. Tax Deposited With Challan – 7th of next month. 
If the TDS for May 2017 is to be deposited, the due date will be the 7th of June 2017.

Download the PDF form of the TDS/TCS tax challan form 281

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