Split PDFs

A PDF splitting tool is a software application that allows you to split a large PDF document into smaller, individual PDF files. There are several reasons why you might want to split a PDF file, such as: 

  1. To reduce the file size of a large PDF document. 
  2. To separate individual pages or sections of a document for easier management and sharing. 
  3. To extract specific information or data from a PDF document.

Using a PDF splitting tool can be a quick and easy way to achieve these goals without having to manually cut and paste information from the original document.

PDF splitting tools can typically be used to split a PDF file in several ways, such as by:

  1. Page range: splitting the document into specific pages or page ranges. 
  2. Size: splitting the document by a specific file size or several pages. 
  3. Bookmarks: Split the document into bookmarked sections. 
  4. Text: splitting the document based on specific text or keywords.

Overall, a PDF splitting tool can be a useful tool for managing and organizing PDF documents, especially if you frequently work with large or complex documents. However, it is important to use a reputable and trustworthy tool to ensure the security and integrity of your PDF files.