RTO Vehicle Information App | വണ്ടിയുടെ നമ്പർ നമ്പർ വെച്ചു ഫുൾ ഡീറ്റൈസ് അറിയണോ

An app where information about any vehicle is available – RTO Vehicle Information Application

Today we are introducing here an application where you can know the complete information about any vehicle you see in front of you.

It would be very good to install this app on our mobile because if we see an accident in front of another vehicle, we can get the name of the vehicle and other complete information. Through this app, the vehicle owner, how many owners, financiers name, maker model, vehicle class, fuel type, fuel norms, engine number, chassis number, and registration date.

Find Vehicle Owner detail from their vehicle number. Check your driving license.

RTO Vehicle Information App | വണ്ടിയുടെ നമ്പർ നമ്പർ വെച്ചു ഫുൾ ഡീറ്റൈസ് അറിയണോ

About app

RTO Vehicle Information app is a free app to find the registration details such as vehicle details, owner name and address, insurance and much more. Easy to check challan status and driving licence info. You can track the various fuel prices every day. The vehicle information app provides useful car details and bike details such as price, features, specifications, and much more. Find the details of RTO offices. Prepare driving licence exam and take the live RTO test. Change the language of the entire app: Gujarati, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, etc.

RTO Vehicle Information App | വണ്ടിയുടെ നമ്പർ നമ്പർ വെച്ചു ഫുൾ ഡീറ്റൈസ് അറിയണോ

The Star Feature of the RTO Vehicle Information application app:

RC status:

  • Use the number plate scanner to easily find out RC details and RC status. You can view useful info such as the name & address of the vehicle owner, vehicle model, class, insurance, engine details, fuel type and much more.

Challan Details:

  • Check out the challan status and details of your vehicle. You just need to provide the RC number or DL number or just scan the number plate to find out the challan details.

Driving Licence Info:

  • Enter your driving licence number and date of birth to view driving licence details

RTO Info:

  • You can easily locate any RTO office in India. Search by city name to find the address, phone number and website of the RTO office.

RTO Exam:

  • Prepare for the driving licence test. Learn and remember various traffic signs and view questions regarding various traffic symbols.
  • Practice the RTO exam sitting at your home before going to the real RTO exam and review your answers by getting an instant result. You can also check the status of previously taken tests.
  • Find the nearest motor driving school in your city to learn to drive.
RTO Vehicle Information App | വണ്ടിയുടെ നമ്പർ നമ്പർ വെച്ചു ഫുൾ ഡീറ്റൈസ് അറിയണോ

Car details and bike details:

  • View popular, most searched, upcoming and latest car info and bike info
  • Check price, variant, features and specifications
  • Compare the features and prices of two car models or bike models

Latest News With Pagination

  • Read the latest news related to bikes, cars, trucks and other vehicles

Speed Meter

  • View your driving speed on a speedometer in analogue, digital and map mode

Mileage calculator

  • Calculate the mileage of cars and bikes

Loan Calculator

  • Fill in the required details to calculate the loan

Vehicle expense manager

  • Manage your vehicle maintenance expenses 

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