Nilavanti Granth PDF Download (निलावन्ती ग्रन्थ)

Nilavanti Granth Download PDF (निलावन्ती ग्रन्थ)

You can download the PDF version of the Nilaavnti Granth (Nilavanti Granth), in Hindi, from the link provided below the article.

निलावन्ती ग्रन्थ (Nilavanti Granth) Hindi

Download Nilavanti Granth Hindi PDF from the link given below in this article. If you want to download Nilavanti Granth Hindi PDF, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are giving you complete information about Nilavanti Granth and the direct download link of the PDF.

Nilavanti Granth was such a book, by reading which man became the knower of tomorrow. Nilavanti Granth is an unsolved mystery that man has not been able to solve till now. It is said that the knowledge of understanding the language of animals and birds is obtained by using Nilavanti Granth.

Nilavanti Granth PDF Download (निलावन्ती ग्रन्थ)

Nothing is impossible for you if the mantra given in Nilavanti Granth is proven, but it is very difficult to get and understand this knowledge. In this post, you can easily download Nilavanti Granth PDF in Hindi / Nilavanti Granth PDF in Hindi. This is the only book in the world that you can rule the world by proving the mantra given in it. But some people believe that if you do not succeed in doing this, you may lose your memory or you may die or you may go on the path of satai tantra-mantra. Nilavanti Granth Hindi PDF has gone.

The full story of Nilavanti a cursed book-

It was such a book, by reading which man became the knower of time. Don’t know how many people got involved in the death cult while searching for it, those who became the grass of time, all had one commonality they knew the purpose or use of that book. Actually, no one knew the whereabouts of that book. Everyone had spent their life in their own way to find him but not a single one was successful.

The desire to control time is as old as man’s understanding of time. Ever since man has known the mystery of Time, he has been aspiring to control it and to travel back and forth with it. In fact, Kaal, which is called time, is a very complicated thing. A little tinkering with him changes history. But it is true that if you can do that then you will not be able to do that because if you go back in time and you change some events then the whole future history will change and you will also change with history. It means that if you went to change history, this situation will not arise, it simply means that you have not changed the time, which means the history is the same. This is where the work of that book begins. People themselves think of changing the time, but this book gives the reader the power to change the time through whatever he wants. He gets the power by which he can change the history of others. But all this has been heard and heard, till date no one has seen that book with their own eyes, only heard its name and its exploits. The name of that book is “Neelawanti”. If you go to any village in Maharashtra and ask an old man, he will definitely tell you about Neelawanti and also warn that reading it will destroy the dynasty of the reader. 

The most important thing is that by reading this book, the reader starts understanding the language of birds and animals. The name of that book is “Neelawanti”. If you go to any village in Maharashtra and ask an old man, he will definitely tell you about Neelawanti, and along with this he warns that the family of the person who reads it will be destroyed. The most important thing is that by reading this book, the reader starts understanding the language of birds and animals. The name of that book is “Neelawanti”. If you go to any village in Maharashtra and ask an old man, he will definitely tell you about Neelawanti, and along with this he warns that the family of the person who reads it will be destroyed. The most important thing is that by reading this book, the reader starts understanding the language of birds and animals.

It has always been believed in tantriks that the time of animal-sides runs differently from the time of humans. The period which is of one day for humans can be of many years for ants. And the second belief is that time can be changed by being as subtle as time itself. All this is a matter of when this book is found and the art of reading it is known, because even if that book is found, it is not in any human script, it is written in Paishach script. There is no human being in this world who knows the Paishach script. It has also been said that many of the saints and sages sitting in the caves of the Himalayas come to know that mysterious script, but no one knows where it is, so the whole thing is that no one knows what that book is like, neither where it is, nor the method of reading it, but only by knowing what can be done from that book, one becomes inclined to find it.

The first step to finding the book was from where to start the search for the book, those who have heard about that book, have also heard from those who have only heard about the book and have not seen it. And don’t know where this series can go.

One more thing was famous about “Nalawanti” that a man who knew him is alive even today, people call him Bajind and he lives in the forests of Mahabaleshwar. It is said that his age is more than 1000 years. Now the easiest way is to first find Bajind who is going to know him and get the information from him. On the basis of that, search for “Ti” and let me tell you one thing, the people who were behind “Neelawanti”, irrespective of the time period or place they were from, all had one more similarity, they all lived in the jungles of Mahabaleshwar. I was seen leaving. Out of them, only two people were seen again after leaving, that too in a dead state, the number of others whose number can be in the hundreds, no one knows what happened because neither their bodies nor any remains were found.

Now after getting so much information, do you still want to go in search of that book, then I will tell you about the last person who went in search of Nilawanti. Maybe you will get some useful things that will be useful for you in finding Nilavanti.

Friends, this was a long time ago. There was a man in a small village of Uttar Pradesh, he had a wife and a small child. When the child was five years old, her mother died. The name of this girl was Nilavanti. After the death of Nilavanti’s mother, Nilavanti’s father left that village and took Nilavanti to another village. Friends, Nilavanti’s father had good knowledge of Ayurveda. Nilavanti also used to take knowledge of Ayurveda from her father. There was a speciality inside Nilavanti she understood the language of trees, plants, animals, animals and birds.

Not only this, devils used to come in Nilavanti’s dreams and used to inform Nilavanti about the wealth buried under the ground, but Nilavanti had good values ​​of her father, that’s why, despite knowing everything, he dug the wealth from under the ground. Didn’t take it out. Whatever mantras were told by plants and devils to Nilavanti, she used to write on a book made of Peepal leaves. When Nilavanti turned 20 to 22 years old, the ghosts who used to appear in Nilavanti’s dreams started appearing in reality.

After some time, Nilavanti learns that she is a cursed Yakshini who is unable to get out of this world due to a curse, she had to go to her own world. She tells all this to her father. Then her father tells her that daughter, if you are not of this world and because of some curse you are stuck in this world, then I will not stop you, so you can leave here voluntarily. Then Nilavanti started leaving that village that on the way she meets a merchant, so Nilavanti asks that merchant to go to another village because Nilavanti was told by a good soul that at a distance of 35 miles from here you will find a village and in that village you will find a banyan tree.

From there you will get the way to go to your world, apart from this you will have to sacrifice your blood as well as animals and birds. Keeping this in mind, Nilavanti asks that merchant to walk into that village. The merchant gets mesmerized on seeing Nilavanti and says I will drop you in that village but in return, you will have to marry me. Nilavanti smilingly said in front of the businessman, okay I agree but I have one condition I will not stay with you at night where I go, you will not ask me anything about what I do.

The merchant said ok I agree. After that the merchant took Nilavanti to that village by making him sit in his bullock cart. Then according to the condition, Nilavanti married that businessman. Every night, Nilavanti used to go under the banyan tree to do Tantramantra, where she used to sacrifice her blood and animals and birds. One day at night when Nilavanti was doing tantramantra under that banyan tree, at the same time some people of that village saw Nilavanti sacrificing animals and birds and went to that merchant and informed him about the whole incident.

The next night, when Nilavanti leaves for Tantra Sadhna at night according to her time, the merchant also follows her and sees Nilavanti doing Tantra Sadhna. The next day the devil appears in Nilavanti’s dream and tells her that Nilavanti tomorrow when you will go under the banyan tree for tantrasadhana, at the same time you will see a dead body floating in the river that flows next to the banyan tree. There will be a talisman around the neck of the corpse, you have to open it, after removing the talisman from the neck, you will find a man riding a boat in the same river. You have to give this talisman to that man, he will help you to reach the door of the other world. Will do That devil also told Nilavanti that you will get only one chance to return to your world, you will not get a second chance.

The next day Nilavanti was very happy and went under the banyan tree at night. She was sacrificing her blood and animals and birds by doing Tantra Sadhana when she saw a dead body floating on the bank of the river. Nilavanti goes near the dead body and tries to remove the talisman tied around his neck. At the same time, that businessman also came there who had come in his true devilish form. She was able to untie the first knot of the talisman and was about to untie the second one when the villagers came there and mistaking Nilavanti for a cannibal, said that both of them are devils, they will kill all the villagers, so kill them both. All the villagers took their weapons and chased both of them away. Nilavanti survived but the villagers killed the demon. Being a demon, he became alive again and came to Nilavanti and said you give me this book in which you have written the mantras and I do not want anything.

Then Nilavanti thought that if this book is found by this devil, it can prove to be a disaster for the world, so Nilavanti cursed that book and said that the one who read this book out of greed will die immediately and the one who left this book halfway through will go mad. Saying this, Nilavanti ran away with that book. After that Nilavanti is not known till today where she went. After some time that book is found by a monk, that monk had no greed of any kind in his mind. Since that book was written in another language, that Sage translated it in the simplest form so that everyone could understand it.

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