Metro Map Hyderabad Download

Metro Map Hyderabad in PDF Format Download

 Metro Map Hyderabad in PDF format by clicking the link below the article. Metro Map Hyderabad can be read online or downloaded for free using the direct link provided at the bottom.

Metro Map Hyderabad

Metro Map Hyderabad Pdf read online or free download from the link given at the end of this article.
Metro Map Hyderabad in PDF Format Download

The Hyderabad Metro Rail project is the largest Public-Private Partnership in the Metro Rail sector. The Metro Rail and other forms of Mass Rapid Transport Systems are becoming a prominent infrastructure requirement, offering a viable answer to the transportation problems that accompany urban growth. The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project (HMR) is an integrated urban transportation development project that includes inter-modal connectivity, convenient skywalks and will usher in a new era of seamless commuters across Hyderabad.

Metro Map Hyderabad (Hyderabad Metro Rail Map). The Hyderabad Metro Rail is an environmentally friendly transportation system. It reduces carbon footprint by reducing power consumption and rainwater harvesting. You contribute to a greener environment every time you ride on our trains. 

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Network covers a distance of approximately 69.2 km across three corridors. 
  1. Corridor 1: Miyapur – LB Nagar; 
  2. Corridor 2: JBS – MGBS;
  3. Corridor 3: Nagole – Raidurgam.

Download the Metro Map Hyderabad Download  PDF

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