Medical Fitness Certificate Application Form/Format PDF

Medical Fitness Certificate Application Form/Format PDF

Format for medical fitness certificate & Performa. For joining new duty proforma. Fitness certificate from a doctor. There are a lot of Format for Medical certificate based on their uses and where it is used. But here in this post, we added a general type of Medical certificate that can be used in most places.

Medical Fitness Certificate Application Form/Format PDF

A doctor’s certificate, also known as a medical certificate or doctor’s certificate, is a written document from a physician that attests to the results of a medical exam. It can be used as a Sick Note’ (documentation stating that an employee is not fit for work) or as evidence of a medical condition.

How to apply for a Medical Certificate PDF

  • Download Medical Fitness Certificate From Below
  • Fill the Form
  • Visit the clinic or government hospital where a registered physician can issue such certificates.

You can download the PDF medical certificate form from the link at the bottom. This form must be filled out and accompanied by a passport-sized photograph. After that, medical professionals will review it and if necessary, the applicant may need to undergo lab tests.

After the test results are received, or in certain cases, if they are not required, applicants will receive a medical certificate.

Download Medical Fitness Certificate

Documents Required for Medical Certificate

  • Recent Passport size photographs. 
  • ID Proof 
  • Test results (As advised by the medical officer OR the concerned agencies that require this certificate) 
  • Letter from a reputed Indian hospital or medical centre. 
  • Valid medical certificates from a known hospital.

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