Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation

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eBook - Living in the Light: A guide to personal transformation

If you have the attitude that life is something that happens to you and that all you can do is make the best of it, living in the light will change that for good. 
Shakti explains the power of creative visualization, surrendering to a power greater than ourselves within us. She stumbled on to her power through a workshop called healing through intuition, which she skeptically attended after it was strongly recommended by his mother.

About Living in the Light

In Living in the Light, the long-running conflict between the Montague and Capulet families upheaves Verona and has tragic consequences for Romeo and Juliet. The young star-crossed lovers must mature swiftly due to revenge, love, and a secret marriage; as a result, they commit suicide out of desperation.


Shakti Gawain


Living in the Light






Are you searching for deeper meaning and purpose in your life? Do you sense that you have an inner wisdom that can be a guiding force for you, yet wonder how to connect with that intuitive self? How do you know which inner voices to listen to? For over thirty years, Shakti Gawain has helped readers address these questions. Living in the Light has given literally millions of people clear and gentle guidance to create a new way of life & one in which we listen to our intuition and rely on it as a guiding force.

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