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Land Conversion Form Goa in PDF

Land Conversion Form Goa Download PDF

Download the PDF version of Land Conversion Form Goa by clicking the link below the article. You can also read the PDF online at the bottom.

Land Conversion Form Goa in PDF.

Land Conversion Goa Land Conversion form

Goa PDF can be downloaded for free or read online.

All lands are automatically agricultural land. Permission is required for all other purposes than agriculture, such as residential, commercial, etc. Land Conversion is also known as Land Conversion. Land can be converted from agricultural to non-agricultural status.

Paying a fee will allow you to convert agricultural land into industrial or residential land. After obtaining the approval of the local authorities, you can apply for a “change in land use”. You must apply to the commissioner at the Land Revenue Department, stating the reason for conversion.

Land Conversion Form (Required details)

You will need to submit certain documents with your application. These include an ID proof, a mutation letter, the original sale deed or gift partition deed, the latest tax receipt, and a certified survey map. The fee for converting the land depends on the location and nature of the property.

  • Name and Full Address of the Applicant
  • Complete Address
  • Work – Occupation
  • Survey Number
  • Hissa no.
  • Stamp of the Officer
  • Signature and designation as a receiver.

Download the Land Conversion Form Goa in PDF.

You can download Land Conversion Form Goa in PDF using the link given below.

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