Kerala Syllabus Class 1 to 12 Text Book(English & Malayalam) Free Download

Kerala Syllabus Class 1 to 12 Text Book(English & Malayalam) Free Download

There are now digital versions of the textbooks for students in grades 1 through 10 and in the first and second years of higher education. As the modern world evolves and classrooms grow more hi-tech, it is vital to adapt comparable modifications for textbooks as well. The Kerala State syllabus uses the SCERT/NCERT textbooks. NCERT books are used for a few additional disciplines, whereas SCERT books are required for others.

Kerala Syllabus Class 1 to 12 Text Book(English & Malayalam) Free Download

The ability to exhibit textbooks visually in class is now possible thanks to the advancement of hi-tech classrooms. The tools for this purpose are currently an LCD projector, laptop, etc. Additionally, the SAMAGRA portal was developed to exchange study materials. Both teachers and students can obtain the first and second-year textbooks for classes 1 through 10 and Higher Secondary in PDF format.

Download Kerala Syllabus Class 1 to 12 Text Book(English & Malayalam)

Let’s look at how to get the SCERT-published textbooks for Keralan students in classes 1 through 12 (Higher Secondary). 
  1. Visit the Samara Portal first.
  2. In the ‘Select Medium’ box, choose either English or Malayalam.
  3. In “Select Class,” choose a class from 1 through 10, plus one, or plus two. 
  4. Present the subject. 
When that happens, a link to the text’s PDF will be provided here. If the textbook is not yet accessible for download, a notification stating “not available” will be shown. 
The English/Malayalam versions of the textbooks for students in Classes 1 through 12 (First and Second Years of Higher Secondary) are now available. Below are direct links to the PDF textbooks.
XI English
XII English
XI Malayalam
XII Malayalam
XI Hindi
XII Hindi
XI Physics Part 1(English)
XI Physics Part 2(English)
XI Physics Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Physics Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Physics Part 1(English)
XII Physics Part 2(English)
XII Physics Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Physics Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Chemistry Part 1(English)
XI Chemistry Part 2(English)
XI Chemistry Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Chemistry Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Chemistry Part 1(English)
XII Chemistry Part 2(English)
XII Chemistry Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Chemistry Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Mathematics(English)
XI Mathematics(Malayalam)
XII Mathematics Part 1(English)
XII Mathematics Part 2(English)
XI Biology-Botany & Zoology(English)
XI Biology-Botany & Zoology(Malayalam)
XII Biology(English)
XII Biology(Malayalam)
Computer Science
XI Computer Science Part 1(English)
XI Computer Science Part 2(English)
XI Computer Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Computer Science Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Computer Science Part 1(English)
XII Computer Science Part 2(English)
XII Computer Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Computer Science Part 2(Malayalam)
Home Science
XI Home Science(English)
XI Home Science(Malayalam)
XII Home Science(English)
XII Home Science(Malayalam)
XI Accountancy(English)
XI Accountancy Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Accountancy Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Accountancy Part 1(English)
XII Accountancy Part 2(English)
XII Accountancy Part 3(English)
XII Accountancy-Computerized Accounting(Malayalam)
XII Accountancy-Not for profit organizations and Partnership Accounts(Malayalam)
XI History(English)
XI History(Malayalam)
XII History Part 1(English)
XII History Part 2(English)
XII History Part 3(English)
XII History-Indian History Theme 1(Malayalam)
XII History-Indian History Theme 2(Malayalam)
XII History-Indian History Theme 3(Malayalam)
XII History-Themes in Kerala History(Malayalam)
Islamic History
XI Islamic History(English)
XI Islamic History(Malayalam)
XII Islamic History(English)
XII Islamic History(Malayalam)
XI Geography Part 1(English)
XI Geography Part 2(English)
XI Geography Part 3(English)
XI Geography Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Geography Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Geography Part 1(English)
XII Geography Part 2(English)
XII Geography Part 3(English)
XII Geography Part 1-Fundamentals of Human Geography(Malayalam)
XII Geography Part 2-Indian People and Economy(Malayalam)
Business Studies
XI Business Studies(English)
XI Business Studies(Malayalam)
XII Business Studies Part 1(English)
XII Business Studies Part 2(English)
XII Business Studies Part 1(Malayalam)
XII Business Studies Part 2(Malayalam)
XI Sociology Part 1
XI Sociology Part 2
XII Sociology Part 1(English)
XII Sociology Part 2(English)
XII Sociology Part 1-Indian Society(Malayalam)
XII Sociology Part 2-Social Change and Development in India(Malayalam)
XI Philosophy(English)
XII Philosophy(English)
XII Philosophy(Malayalam)
Computer Application(Commerce)
XI Computer Application-Commerce(English)
XI Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam)
XII Computer Application-Commerce(English)
XII Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam)
Computer Application(Humanities)
XI Computer Application-Humanities(English)
XI Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam)
XII Computer Application-Humanities(English)
XII Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam)
Political Science
XI Political Science Part 1(English)
XI Political Science Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Political Science Part 2(English)
XI Political Science Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Political Science Part 1(English)
XII Political Science Part 1-Contemporary World Politics(Malayalam)
XII Political Science Part 2(English)
XII Political Science Part 2-Politics in India Since Independence(Malayalam)
XI Economics Part 1(English)
XI Economics Part 1(Malayalam)
XI Economics Part 2(English)
XI Economics Part 2(Malayalam)
XII Economics Part 1(English)
XII Economics-Macro Economics(Malayalam)
XII Economics Part 2(English)
XII Economics Part 2-Micro Economics(Malayalam)


For Standard 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Class or HSSLive Plus One Plus Two students, the most recent 2019-2020 edition of SCERT Kerala State Syllabus Textbooks is available for free PDF download in both English and Malayalam. Get Kerala State Board Textbook Solutions in Malayalam and English for all Classes and Subjects. Also we are adding below the link for download NCERT Text Book for all standard of classes for free.

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