Download Kerala Social Security Pension – Vardhakya Pension Application Form

Pension Application Form : Kerala offers the best safety net for society’s most vulnerable members. Kerala was the first state in India to offer a pension for agricultural workers. Different pension schemes have benefited 3.6 million people. These programs have seen a large amount of money transferred to local governments. Poor management of social welfare pension programs has resulted in significant delays in the payment of pensions.

Additionally, complaints of duplications and defalcations frequently surface. Sevana Pension is designed to streamline the distribution of social welfare benefits for the most vulnerable members of society.

Download Kerala Social Security Pension - PDF Application Forms

Sevana Social Welfare Pension, an application software that is used in Kerala’s local governments, was created with the intent of providing transparent and efficient social security services through them. This application currently covers seven schemes that have more than 16 million beneficiaries. These beneficiaries are from the less privileged sections of society. The application has led to a significant improvement in the efficiency and delivery of services by local governments.

Why Kerala Social Security Pension?

  • To provide comfort for very poor families, the Government of Kerala created social security programs
  • Sevana Pension online application was developed by the Information Kerala Mission for the Distribution of Social Security Pensions to Beneficiaries of Kerala.
  • Six types of social security retirements are currently being distributed by local bodies (Grama panchayats and Municipalities and Corporations) via the Sevana Pension application

Download Pension Schemes PDF Forms

  1. National Old Age Pension
  2. Widow Pension
  3. Pension for unmarried women over 50 years
  4. Pension for the Physically Challenged
  5. Pension for the Mentally Challenged
  6. Agriculture Labour Pension

To make the process more efficient and faster, the Government has recently decided to computerize pension processes. This program was initiated by the Sevana – Pensions software developed by Information Kerala Mission

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