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Kerala Farmer Pension Scheme Application Form in Malayalam

Kerala Farmer Pension Scheme Application Form in Malayalam

Kerala Farmer Pension Scheme

Kerala Farmers Pension Scheme
Form PDF Download
– Govt. of Kerala has established the Farmers Welfare Board to
provide attractive financial benefits and monthly pensions to farmers. Every
farmer in Kerala who owns up to 15 acres or cultivates 15 acres of leased land
is eligible for the benefits that come from the Farmers Pension Scheme. Farmers
Pension Scheme. Any farmer over 18 years of age in the state is eligible for
this scheme.

Kerala Farmer Pension Scheme Application Form in Malayalam

In this program, farmers will be required to pay 100 rupees per month, and the government will pay the same amount or a maximum of 250
rupees to each farmer. If a farmer, over five years, participates in this
scheme, then the farmer is entitled to an annual pension until 60 years of age.

In this scheme, the pension amount is determined depending
on the amount of money that the farmer has contributed and the amount of time.
In the scheme, the government offers financial aid for matrimony and education
of daughters of farmers who are registered.

We have provided you with an easy link to the Kerala
Farmers/Kisan pension scheme application form in PDF format. It is easy to
download it by simply clicking the link below.

Kerala Farmers Pension Scheme Application Form PDF

Article Name: Farmers Pension Scheme Form

State: Kerala

Department: Agriculture Dept.

Beneficiary: State Farmers

Language: Malayalam

Official Website:

PDF Form Download: Download

Documents Required For
Farmers Pension Scheme:

The following documents must be submitted to take
advantage of this scheme when filling out the form. Kerala Kisan Pension

Aadhar Card

Residence certificate

Land documents

Bank passbook


To be eligible for the scheme, farmers need to
pay Rs 100 each month. In turn, farmers over 60 years in the scheme will be
entitled to the benefit of a pension of as much as Rs 3000 per month.

In addition, if the farmer passes away, the
family members can receive 50% of the money, i.e., you can receive up to Rs.

Important: Kerala Farmers/Kisan Pension Scheme will
offer financial aid to farmers in need by offering them a pension to allow them
to enjoy a comfortable life even in their old years. Farmers who contribute for
a continuous five years to this scheme can enjoy the pension benefits to live
their lives after 60.

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