India Year Book 2024 for UPSC

India Year Book 2024 for UPSC

 India Year Book 2024

India Year Book 2024 PDF deals with all aspects of development – from rural to urban, industry to infrastructure, Science and Technology to art and Culture, economy, health, defense to education, and mass Communication. The sections on General Knowledge, Current Affairs, sports, and important events, are a must-read for a comprehensive understanding of these fields.

India Year Book 2024 for UPSC

India (भारत) 2024 Year Book Hindi By Publications Division For For All Types Of Government Exams if you are a civil service aspirant so you must read this book because it contains all the current affairs of the previous year. If we talk about why this book is important, analysis has shown that every year around 10 to 15 questions are asked from this book in the Civil Services Prelims exam which are mostly related to government schemes and policies.

India Year Book 2024 Topic Covered for UPSC

  1. National Current Affairs
  2. International Current Affairs
  3. Current Affairs Related to States in India
  4. Union Territories Of India
  5. New Appointments: National
  6. New Appointments: International
  7. Agreements/Memorandum of Understandings
  8. Banking Current Affairs
  9. Economy/Financial Current Affairs
  10. Business Current Affairs
  11. Defense Current Affairs
  12. Defense Equipment
  13. Awards & Recognition
  14. Summits
  15. Lists/Indexes
  16. Books & Authors
  17. Sports Current Affairs
  18. Science & Technology
  19. Schemes/Apps
  20. Committees in News
  21. Institutes/Bodies/Act in News
  22. Important Days
  23. Obituaries
  24. Miscellaneous Current Affairs

Download India Year Book 2024 for UPSC

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