Grama Panchayat Election Nomination Form PDF

 Nominations are a part of the selection process for candidates for the election to a public office or the awarding of an award or honor. A list of nominees that is narrowed down from the entire list of candidates is known as a shortlist. The candidate who is chosen to represent or is recognized by a political group is considered to be the candidate of the party. The method of selection could be determined by some or all of the primary elections, or by way of a caucus or convention of the party as per the guidelines of the party and any applicable laws regarding elections. In some countries, this procedure is referred to as preselection.

Grama Panchayat Election Nomination Form PDF

Nominations serve to give the possibility of a choice of candidates to be elected to office. Once nominations have been accepted and the assembly has begun its voting method to elect officers. In general, nominations are closed when there is no one else who would like to make the nomination. This can be done without the need for a motion (using the form of consensus). Motions to end nominations can’t be used to stop members from submitting the nomination.

Gram Panchayat Election Nomination Form PDF – Details to be Mentioned

  • Ward No.
  • Village Name
  • Council Member Name
  • Full name of the proposer :
  • Electoral roll number of the proposer
  • Name of candidate’s father/husband
  • Full postal address of the candidate
  • Electoral roll number of candidate


Documents Required for Nomination Form for Panchayat Election

  • Affidavit in Form 26
  • Certified extract of electoral roll (when a candidate is an elector of a different constituency)
  • Form A and B (applicable in the case of candidates -‘.set up by political parties)
  • Copy of caste certificates (if the candidate claims to belong to SC/ST)
  • Security deposit (whether made)
  • Oath and affirmation (whether taken)

You can download the Gram Panchayat Election Nomination Form PDF using the link given below.

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