EPF Return Form 3A PDF

 EPF Return Form 3A PDF Download 

Download a PDF of EPF Return Form 3A from the link available below in the article, EPF Return Form 3A PDF free, or read online using the direct link given at the bottom of the content.

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EPF Form 3A Download PDF

EPF Return Form 3A 

EPF Return Form 3A PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article. Download the EPF Return Form 3A in PDF format using the link given below or an alternative link. PF contributions can only be withdrawn by the employee at the time of his/her retirement, barring a few exceptions. Member’s Annual Contribution Card: Form showing month wise recoveries towards E.P.F and Pension Fund in respect of a member for one financial year. To be furnished by the employer before 30th April of the following year..

PF Form 3A download – EPF Return (Required Details) 

  • Account No.
  •  Name/Surname
  •  Father’s/Husband’s Name 
  • Name & Address of the Factory Establishment 
  • Statutory Rate of Contribution 
  • Voluntary higher rate of employee Contribution if any. 
  • Signature of the employer with office seal Month Worker’s 
  • Share the Amount of wages and EPF 
  • Employer’s Share
  •  Difference between 12% & 8.33% (if any)
  •  PENSION FUND Contribution8.33% 
  • Refund of Adv. 
  • No. of days/period of non-contributing service (if any) 
  • Remarks 

You can download the EPF Return Form 3A PDF using the link given below.

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