EPF Form 11 Self Declaration Form PDF

Download EPF Form 11 Self Declaration Form 

PDF from the link provided below the article. EPF Form 11 Self Declaration Form PDF can be downloaded for free, or you can read it online by using the link at the bottom.
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EPF Form 11 Self Declaration Form PDF

EPF Return Form 11 (Self Declaration Form)

EPF Return Form 11, (Self Declaration form) PDF, read online or free download from the link given at the bottom this article.

EPF Form 11 is an EPF self-declaration that must be completed and submitted by the employee when joining a new company that offers EPF Scheme. Form 11 is a self-declaration form that must be filled out by an employee when they join a new organization offering the EPF Scheme (Employees Provident Fund).

EPF Form 11 (Required details)

  • Name of the Member
  • Father’s or Spouses’ name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Email ID
  • Mobile
  • If you were a member before 1952 of the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme.
  • If you were a member before 1995 of the Employees’ Pension Scheme

Details of previous employment: [if yes to 7 AND/OR 8.]

  • Universal Account Number
  • Previous PF account number:

c) Date you left your previous job: (DD/MM/YYYY).

(if issued) Scheme Certificate Number (if issued)

e) Pension Payment Order (PPO) No. (if issued)

A) International worker:

b) Indicate your country of origin if yes (India/Name other country).

c) Passport Number

d) Validity (dates) of passport ((DD/MM/YYYY to (DD/MM/YYYY).) KYC details: (attach copies of the following KYCs)

a) Account Number a) Bank Account No.

b) AADHAR Number

c) Permanent account number (PAN),

d) Signature of the Member

Download the EPF Self Declaration Form 11 in PDF format

                                   Download PDF

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