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Download Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC) from Online

Download the Original Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC) from an Online

How do I download a Vehicle Pollution Certificate online in Kerala? The traffic rules are getting tighter every day. So, the car will be required to pay a substantial penalty for not having the proper documents. Particularly the insurance certificate of the vehicle, and the pollution certificate should be present. Additionally having a driver’s license is required. The majority of services offered by the Ministry of Transport are available on the Internet today. Thus, all the necessary documents are available on the site for transport. This can be a way to carry all important documents in your bag.

Download Original Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC) from Online

The pollution certificate for the vehicle is available on the Internet. Here’s how you can obtain your Vehicle Pollution Certificate online. So, please download and check the form. Since without PUC is not permitted to drive vehicles. The most important is that it’s saved on your mobile. In addition, read the details carefully.

How can I download a pollution certification online?

Type in your browser. You’ll be directed to the Ministry of Transport website. There are many menus that can be available on the site. Use the online service option. All services related to vehicles online are available on this page. Click the PUC option on the right. If you now see a pop-up window then you can close it and then type.

It is not necessary to sign in to your online account in order to download your vehicle’s pollution certificate. Instead, choose instead the PUC Certificate option at the top. Enter the vehicle’s registration number and the chassis number. Enter the security code below. Select the PUC Details option.

Then you can view the certificate of pollution for your car. You can view all the details and images of the car. The certificate contains details, including the number plate. You will also be able to see the date and the validity of the certification. Other units related to vehicles could be issued.

The importance of a pollution certificate

  • It shows that the vehicle’s emissions are in good order.
  • In India, every vehicle must have an emission certificate to be used for road use.
  • Valid PUC is required for all vehicles.
  • After you’ve completed the test, you can download the test from the site.
  • It is a mandatory document as per the Act on Vehicles.

Check the details thoroughly and ensure it’s exact. After that, click Print. The pollution certificate will now be seen in its entirety. It is then possible to download the file and then save it.

This way, the pollution certificate is easily downloaded and saved. It is also possible to save them on the phone and utilise them for vehicle inspections.

What are the different steps to download the pollution certificate?

  1. Open the web browser, and enter
  2. If the interface is active, on the left-hand menu at the top, choose PUC certificate.
  3. You do not need to sign into your account.
  4. Enter your Engine and chassis numbers precisely.
  5. Give the security question, and then click on the view details button.
  6. All the information for the vehicle is displayed.
  7. After you have verified that all details are correct, click the print button.
  8. After that, you can get a PUC certificate. PUC Certificate and store it to your phone.
This is the method you can find and download your PUC certificate online. You can Download and Print the certificate from this government portal.

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