How to Download Pattayam or Aadhaaram online in Kerala

Download Pattayam or Aadhaaram online in Kerala : Aadharam is the most significant document regarding an area. So, if they’re lost or not properly stored it is common for them to face serious issues. Most of us do not have any idea what should be done in the event that the aadharam has been lost. But, a authentic copy of an affidavit along with the sub-affidavit is available at the offices of the Sub-Registrar.

Download Pattayam or Aadhaaram online in Kerala

This type of copy is known as an official copy of Documents. Here are the information you must know to obtain a copy of the Aadharam or previous affidavit, as well as a certified copies.

How can I obtain a an official copy of an Land document?

A copy of the documents that you have registered is kept in the Registrar’s Office. If the document is not found or certified copies required , it may be requested at the Sub-Registrar’s Office. All copies of documents from the date from their entry into the Registrar’s Office onwards are kept in this way. A certified copy is not exactly the same as an attested copy of Aadhaaram.In the event of the loss of an aadharam, a certified copy is considered to be the principal document. The application for a certificated copy should be submitted online. However, you must go to the office to get the certificate and purchase it.

How do I apply for a certified Land copy?,The application should be submitted through the website. On the page that opens upon opening the website click the online Application option. Select”Certified Copy” Certified Copy in the Certificate option on near the bottom of the page. Select the submit application the cc option. This option is for the District and Sub-Registrar’s Office of the Registrar’s Office must be completed on the following page. When you click the Nature of Document option, you’ll be presented with three choices. From these options, Book One stands for Agreement Part Issue. Book Three is a the death Certificate also known as Will. Book 4 is the power of Attorney. You must choose the book number that is appropriate to your needs.

If you are unsure of the meaning of Aadhaaram then you should select the option to sell. This does not affect the basis for Book Three and the Book Three and Book Four choices.

The applicant’s details must be included on the application Details Section below. Name, telephone number, email address and district should be correctly entered. Anyone who requires an original copy of the document can apply, but it’s not possible to apply on the three categories of a book. The application requires an official death certificate. The application may be made through the individual who wrote it , or by writing to the person who wrote it that falls under that category. Book Four category.

The person who purchases the aadhaaram must provide all the information about whom signed it,, and other details. If the book is distributed in writing to the people who require it then there is no need for the writer to be identified as the author. A year in which the book was registered by the Aadhaaram is necessary to obtain the official copy. If you possess the Aadhaaram then you will find the registration number as well as the book’s number on the back. In the number of Copies section, type in the required number of copies. The cost for each copy is an application fee of Rs 15 and Rs 105 for search fee. This fee is only payed via the internet. You must visit the office directly to purchase the certificate.

You will receive an ID for your application on the pay page. The remainder of transactions need to be made by using the ID. The receipt for paying fees for copies will be issued when you go to the office of the registrar.

Stamp paper that is purchased by the applicant is necessary. A stamp paper of Rs 50 is utilized for this. The documents required to go to the Registrar’s Office include copy fee and stamp paper, as well as legal-sized white papers. Receipts will be issued after the payment of the copy fee. Occasionally you’ll receive the official copy the same day, or within the next two to three weeks.

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