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Divergence Certificate form Goa PDF

 Divergence Certificate form Goa pdf Download 

The PDF version of the Divergence Certificate from Goa by clicking the link below the article.

Download the PDF file of the Divergence certificate from Goa. The Domicile/Divergence Certificate confirms a person’s residency in a state or union territory. Fill out the Divergence Certificate application form if you’re a Goan resident and you need a Domicile Certificate.

Divergence Certificate form Goa PDF

You will be asked to fill out a form with your personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth. You may be asked to provide documents that prove your Goa residency, such as utility bills or rental agreements.

Divergence Certificate form

A Divergence Certificate form is a document used to officially acknowledge a deviation or departure from standard regulations, rules, or guidelines. It is often utilized in construction and development projects where certain aspects of the project do not conform to the prescribed requirements. The form typically outlines the specifics of the divergence, explaining the reasons behind it and providing relevant supporting information.
The purpose of a Divergence Certificate is to obtain official approval for the variation from the relevant authorities. This ensures transparency, accountability, and compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks, even when deviations occur. The form may require details about the project, the nature of the deviation, potential impacts, and any proposed mitigation measures. By using this form, project stakeholders can document and legitimize variations, preventing future disputes and legal complications while maintaining transparency throughout the project’s lifecycle.

How to obtain a Divergence Certificate?

  • Goa Fill out the prescribed form and submit it to the Mamlatdar. 
  • Voting Card / Aadhar card (only as Identity proof). [Self Attested].
  •  Marriage Certificate in the case of a person who is married. [Self-Attested]
  • Passport copy (not mandatory). [Self-Attested]
  • Self Declaration.
  • Employee – Service book, pension book/order. Employee – Pension book/order, service book. [Self-Attested]
  • Birth Certificate of the applicant. [Self-Attested]
  • School leaving Certificate [Self-Attested]
  • The existence of other documents indicating a variation in names, but not Form I & XIV or Divergence Certificate is not proof that mutations have been carried out.
  • Please note that these documents must be accompanied by Talathi’s report
  • Please refer to the Goa (Right to Time-bound Delivery of Public Services Act 2013 for further details.


Collectorate South Goa District

Collectorate of South Goa District, Matanhy Saldanha Administrative Complex, Near KTC Bus Stand, Margao, South Goa District, Goa, India – 403601

Location: Collectorate of South Goa District, Matanhy Saldanha Administrative Complex | City : Margao | PIN Code: 403601. 

Download the link of the PDF of the Divergence Certificate Form Goa.

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