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Discharge Certificate Form Pdf

Discharge Certificate Form Pdf Download

How to fill in the discharge certificate form

  • Start by entering your personal details, including your full name, birth date, and contact information.
  • Include details about the institution or organization from which you will be resigning, including the name, contact information, and address.
  • Please provide the reason for your discharge, as well as any dates relevant to the discharge (such as the date of admission or discharge).
  • Include the names and contact details of all medical and healthcare professionals who are involved in your treatment.
Discharge Certificate Form Pdf

  •  Please provide a summary of your current medical condition. Include any diagnoses, medications, or treatments prescribed during your stay.
  • Include any instructions or recommendations for follow-up treatment.
  • Include any notes or suggestions for the recipient organization or healthcare provider.
  • Sign and date your discharge certificate to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.

Who is required to have a discharge certificate?

  • Patients who are being discharged from a health facility after they have been admitted.
  • People who have finished a service or program offered by an organization and are leaving.
  • Organizations or institutions that require documentation to prove a patient’s or an individual’s completion or departure. 

Here’s how it works

  •  Edit your discharge certificate form online

Add comments and type text to fill out fields. Insert images, highlight data, or blackout for discretion.

  • Add your legally-binding signature

You can draw or type your signature. You can also upload an image of your signature or take a picture with your digital camera.

  • Share your form instantly

Email, fax, or share your discharge certificate form via URL. You can download, print or export your forms to the cloud storage service of your choice.

Editing discharge certificate online

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  • Select the file you want to save. Select it from the list of records. Move the cursor over to the right-hand toolbar, and select one of the exporting options: Save it in multiple formats or as a PDF. You can also send it via email or store it on the cloud.

Download the discharge certificate form from the below link

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