Complaint Letter Format – How to Write Formal letter with Examples

It is difficult to complain about someone. Writing about it can be more difficult as all the information would have been documented. It is important to take care when writing a complaint letter. This article will give you tips and provide examples of complaint letters.

Complaint Letter Format - How to Write Formal letter with Examples

General Format for Complaint Letter Format

Sender’s address





Receiver’s address




Subject: ___________________________

Sir/Ma’am, (Salutation)

Body of the Letter explaining the reason for your letter and the complaint.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully, (Complimentary Closing)


NAME in block letters

Complaint Letter Samples

Here are a few complaint letter samples to help you understand the format of the complaint letter and help you write a complaint letter on your own.

Complaint Letter Sample 1 – Poor Maintenance of the Garden and Improper Waste Disposal

45 B, Rory Lane

Damsel Street

Mumbai – 400056

29th December, 2021

The Secretary

Residential Association

Mumbai – 400056

Subject: Complaint letter regarding the poor maintenance of the garden and improper waste disposal


I am Shawn Mendez, a resident of Rory Lane. I am writing to bring to your notice the poor maintenance of the garden around our residential area and the improper disposal of waste. The garden around the residential area was watered regularly, and grass shrubs were trimmed and maintained neatly in the beginning. It has been more than a month now since any kind of maintenance is done in the garden. We have tried contacting the person in charge, but every effort has just been in vain.

Another growing issue is the problem of waste disposal. There were people from the corporation collecting garbage for disposal every two days, but it has been more than a week now since they have collected any garbage from our area. This has led to the accumulation of waste, and people have started dumping it in the corner of the street as they have no other choice. Kindly look into this and the maintenance of the garden as it would become a huge mess if this continues. It would be highly appreciated if you could also inform the residents that all garbage would be collected and not to throw them out around the street corners.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,



Complaint Letter Sample 2 – Damaged Product Received

5/652, SNV Street

VKL Colony

Hyderabad – 500025

November 26, 2021

The Manager

Customer Service Department

Taurus Shop

New Delhi – 110023

Subject: Complaint about a damaged product received


I had purchased a black top from your online store. I received the product today, and I tried filing a return request as the size is smaller than the one I had ordered, and the cloth is torn on the left side. For some reason, the return request is not being filed. The page is either getting redirected or stuck. I have tried multiple times, and I could not go through with it. Can you please check and let me know if the return request has been filed for the order no. 3049. If not, kindly let me know what I should do to return the product.

I am attaching herewith photographs of the damaged portion of the top and the opening video for your reference.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,



Complaint Letter Sample 3 – Installation of New Street Lights

12B, Nelson Manickam Road


Chennai – 600045


The Councillor

Ward No. 26

Chennai – 600052

Subject: Regarding installation of new street lights in our area


I am writing to bring to your kind attention that there are no street lights in our area and it has become a huge problem as it has started raining. It is very difficult for people who travel through this area because it is very dark at night, and with continuous rains, the place floods up. It becomes really difficult to drive as the roads are damaged, and there have been constant accidents because of this. Therefore, I request you to kindly take some action at the earliest and install street lights in our area as it is a danger if left like this.

Thank you for your time and cooperation in advance.

Yours faithfully,



Frequently Asked Questions on Complaint Letter Format

How to write a complaint letter?

When you are unhappy with a service or have a problem, you can write a complaint letter to the authorities. It is important to write your letter politely. A complaint letter should be written in the same format as a formal email. You can begin a complaint letter by writing the address of the sender, followed by the address of the receiver, the date, the salutation, body, and signature.

What is the purpose of a complaint letter?

The purpose of a complaint letter is to seek a solution to a problem that has not been solved. People face many problems, so it is important to raise complaints in order to get the problem addressed by higher authorities.

How do I send a complaint letter?

Make sure to state your problem clearly and concisely in your complaint letter. Don’t exaggerate. Be clear about the problems and make sure you are kind. In your letter, do not show anger or sarcasm.

What is the most important thing in a complaint letter

The problem is the most important thing in a complaint letter. Make sure to clearly explain the problem and indicate the severity of the problem. Include any copies or documents that could be used as evidence.

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