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Balyakalasakhi Malayalam

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Balyakalasakhi, meaning childhood friend in Malayalam, is a romantic tragedy novel by Vaikom Mohammed Basheer. Many consider it to be Basheer’s finest work. It was published in 1944. Majeed and Suhra are the main characters. They have been in love since childhood. Basheer admits that the story is mostly autobiographical. 

Balyakalasakhi PDF Malayalam-ebook

A childhood romance between two neighbours turns into passionate love in adolescence. Majeed’s dad was once rich and could afford to send him away to a distant town for school, despite the fact that he wasn’t very good at studying. Suhra’s father, on the other, had to struggle to make ends meet. 
He wanted to send Suhra, his bright daughter who excelled in studies, to school. After her father died, her dreams of furthering her education were dashed. Majeed asks his father for sponsorship of Suhra’s studies, but he declines.

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Balyakalasakhi by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

Majeed, after a fight with his father, leaves the house and wanders for a while in distant lands before returning home. When he returns home, he discovers that the former wealth of his family is gone and that Suhra, his beloved, has married another man. Suhra arrives at his house, causing him to be devastated by the loss of his beloved. She’s a shadow. Suhra, the beautiful, sunny, vibrant woman of her youth, is now a woman who has been worn out and battered by a loveless, abusive marriage. 

Majeed tells her “Suhra! Don’t go back!” She stays. Majeed returns to his home, but he has plans in mind. To avoid poverty, he must find work. He travels to a city in North India. He is hired as a salesman but suffers a bike accident that results in the loss of a leg.
He is fired the day after being discharged from the hospital. He knocks on every door and wears out his soles as he sets off again to find a new job. He gets a job as a dishwasher in a hotel. He dreams about Suhra waiting at home for his return as he washes dirty dishes every day. Before he can marry the love of his life, he must earn enough money to go home and pay off debts. He receives a letter from his mother informing him of Suhra’s illness and death.

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