Step-by-step guide to Aadhaar Updation Online after 10 years - No need of Online centers

Step-by-step guide to Aadhaar Updation Online after 10 years - No need of Online centers

Free Aadhaar renewal after 10 years using a Mobile phone

Here in this Article we PDFuploads going to help you to Update your 10 Year Aadhaar card without any charge. Currently, this service is free for all Citizens but may be chargeable in the future. So you need to Update or renew your Aadhaar as soon as possible. The below complete tutorial with screenshots and videos will be easily understandable so that you can easily update your Aadhaar yourself.

Free Aadhaar Updation after 10 years using Mobile - No need of Online centers

Aadhaar is also known as the Unique Identification Authority of India number (UIDAI). It is a 12-digit identification number that the Indian government issues to its citizens. It is the largest biometric system in the world and was introduced to give every Indian a strong identity.

Aadhaar numbers are linked to biometric information and demographic data, such as fingerprints, iris scanners, and basic personal details, like name, birth date, and address. The biometric information ensures the accuracy of the verification of an individual's identity, which reduces the likelihood of fraud and duplicity when a person is requesting government services.

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10 Year Old Aadhaar card needs to update

Unique Identification Authority of India urges people to update their Aadhaar details if they have had their card for 10 years. The Ministry of Electronics & IT recently issued a public advisory urging Indian residents to update their Aadhaar cards if they haven't done so in the past 10 years. This will ensure that the information on the government database is accurate.

MyAadhaar allows users to update their Aadhaar information by uploading supporting documents (proofs of identity and proofs of address) through the portal. Keep your Aadhaar updated with your current documents to receive government services and benefits.

Last Date for Free Updation: 14-09-2023

How to update/Renew Aadhaar card online - Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Click on You will be required to click on 'Login'.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number and captcha code. Click on 'Send OTP'. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 3: Login and select 'Update Aadhaar Online'.

Step 4: Read the Objective of Aadhar Updation and click on 'Next'.

Step 5: Then a window comes with details of How it works, click on 'Next'.

Step 6: On the next Window Verify your Demographic details, and click on 'Next'.

Step 7: On the next Window, you need to Upload ID Proof and Address Proof and click on 'Next'.

  • Document Size Should be below 2MB
  • Supported File Formats: JPG, PNG & PDF

Available Document list for updating Aadhaar:

Step 8: After Uploading Documents, Click on Submit. Now you have completed the Aadhaar Updating Process

Step 9: On the next Screen You can Download the Acknowledgement.

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In order to address these concerns the Indian government took steps to improve the security and privacy of Aadhaar information. The Supreme Court of India also ruled Aadhaar could not be mandatory for certain services and upheld privacy rights as fundamental rights.

Aadhaar is a major initiative in India that aims to give residents a unique, verifiable identification. It has been a positive change in the delivery of government services and welfare programs, but ongoing efforts are needed to strike a balance between its benefits and the protection of individual rights and privacy.
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