Kerala Birth Certificate Name Correction PDF Form

Birth certificates are an essential legal document, and any irregularity in it needs to be rectified immediately. Sometimes, hospital staff make mistakes when submitting the child's names, parents' names, birth date and gender as well as other data in the Municipal Corporation. These errors can be made at the office of the corporation by employees adding the details into their files. This article will will look at the corrective procedure of errors in Kerala birth Certificate.

Name Correction in Kerala Birth Certificate PDF Form
In this article, we're going to look at the ways in which mistakes made on the birth certificate of your baby are easily rectified. If there are any errors in the birth certificate we received for our child, for example on the birth certificate that I received of my infant in place of Mathilakathparambil, Mathilakath is only printed. This means that the error in the name of the house needs to be rectified on birth certificates.


Name Correction in Kerala Birth Certificate

If the child's birth name is not correct on the Birth Certificate (like pets names, spelling errors) The name can be changed according to the name that is entered in the admissions register of the school in question. For corrections to the birth Certificate the applicant must follow the steps below:

  • Approach the Local Birth Registrar of the concerned Local Self Government Institutions i.e. Secretaries of Gram Panchayats and Registrars of Municipalities and Corporations
  • For this, the parents have to submit an affidavit stating the reasons why the wrong name was entered in the Birth Register
  • In case the child is a major, he or she has to submit the application
  • To remit from punishment, a payment of Rs.50 as compounding fee is necessary
  • The name will be corrected as same as in the school certificate and not as entered in any other documents
Correction in Birth Certificate can be done only one time. So you need to take care of rechecking the whole Data in our birth certificate before applying. If you find a lot of errors, ou should correct it as soon as possible.


  • Birth Certificate Correction Form, with court Fee stamp
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Correct Details (SSLC or School Certificate etc...)
  • Affidavit from Parents on 100 Rupees Stamp Paper
  • Aadhaar copy of both Father and Mother
Collecting all the Required documents given above, you need to visit the appropriate government office are where you are born (Panchayath or Municipality or corporation) . Submitting all the documents at the office , along with paying 50 rupees your application is completed and you need to wait for few days. You can download the Birth certificate from the website of LSG Municipality and corporation and LSG Panchayat.

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