How to apply for Caste Certificate Kerala as Offline - Download Caste Application PDF Form

 The Caste certificate is an official document that identifies the group of people a person is from in India. Cast certificates are part of the reservation system, which permits certain sections of the population that are backward to rise up the social ladder, giving them advantages in the field of education and employment. This article will look at the method of obtaining a Caste Certificate in Kerala.

How to apply for Caste Certificate as Offline - Download Caste Application PDF Form

Indian Constitution augurs the issuance of certificates and is focused on those belonging to the Scheduled Castes who want to get one. The Indian Government actually augurs the advancement of Scheduled Castes and Tribes as they are often given opportunities to be facilitated which include the issuance of certificates to benefit from the privileges. The aim is to help their development just as general citizens do.

Application in Caste Certificate

If you are seeking an application through the Akshaya Centre, you must submit an application for a caste, or community certificate, along with the application fee. The center will issue an application receipt and a number. The applicant will receive an SMS to mobile phones about the status of their application. When they receive a "certificate given" SMS to the provided mobile number, they can visit the Akshaya center to print the certificates.

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